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Fill Your Holes!

Our “Hole-istic” Approach

We not only “dig” history in a figurative sense, but literally, too. That is, we must dig a hole (“plug”) to extract an item. However, digging a small hole in the ground should never mean disturbing a property. The goal is to make it look like you never dug the hole in the first place.*

This video perfectly displays our technique:

*Occasionally, imperfect ground conditions, like very dry dirt that crumbles instead of clumping, mean that a perfectly replaced plug is impossible. Even then, however, we try our utmost to ensure neatness.

Grant Hansen kissing a tree

He’s a snap of Grant thanking nature for all it provides. We respect all properties we search with the intent of leaving them in better shape than we found them. Whether it’s carefully covering our tracks, or picking up debris along the way, we are thankful for all the opportunities kind homeowners afford us.

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One Response to Fill Your Holes!

  1. Old Dude

    I call my towel a ” prayer rug “. I pray it is silver every time I kneel to dig!

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