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Detecting history with conscious, contextual  appreciation—feeding our own passion for yesteryear and assisting local historical and preservation efforts—to keep history alive, lest it lay buried forever.

Every private or public property that we have permission to search has its own varying conditions—flat fields, patchy grass, steep hills, marshy mud, etc., etc. However, no matter what terrain we encounter, one thing remains constant—our debt of gratitude towards our gracious landowners and our conscious regard for their properties.

Therefore, we are staunch advocates of the following relic-hunting tenets:

  • Always obtaining property owner permission prior to hunting.
  • Applying thoughtfulness, consideration, respectful conduct, and courtesy at all times.
  • Making precise holes and covering them completely and neatly after extracting an artifact.
  • Leaving gardens, landscaping, and other ornamental areas untouched.
  • Giving wildlife the right of way.
  • Keeping noise levels down.
  • Closing all gates or entryways after use.
  • Collecting and discarding all refuse (non-historic items), whether dug or in plain sight.
  • Being conscious ambassadors of the relic-hunting hobby.
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