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(Un)Stable Conditions

Our latest permission is a 13-acre horse farm in Burlington County, NJ. These stables are home to exactly 21 horses and the dedicated staff that ably cares for them. Now, when detecting a horse farm, there are several givens that the detectorist knows will be encountered: multiple gates to open and close to access each … Continue reading »

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Detecting Against the Clock

Recently, I took to the farm fields for a full day of detecting given that the fields will soon be planted, which will signify an end to field hunting until November. Though I have scoured these vast fields about a dozen times, this outing was by far my most successful. The finds, as seen below, … Continue reading »

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Return Trip to House I “Found when Lost”

I returned for a second scouring of the late-1800s house built on the foundation of a 1740s-era house (see an account of the initial trip here) and made some more period finds, including a large concave button with what appears to be an “S” on the front; two colonial shoe buckles (one with chape intact, … Continue reading »

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Early 19th Century Home Produces Great Finds

I had a great hunt at a house built round 1810 (could be older… 1810 was the first year it appeared on a map), and although I’ve only scratched the surface, it’s starting to produce for me very nicely! I was beyond excited to get started in hopes of finding old coinage and relics. The … Continue reading »

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1793. ‘Nuff said!

If you’re a relic hunter like me, then the following statement will have particular meaning to you. I gained permission to detect on a home built in 1793. I’ll let that sink in a while. Yes. 1793. The first year the United States started minting coins on a national basis. Not long after the Revolutionary … Continue reading »

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Grant’s October Finds

October was a very good month as I found some really cool relics. My grandmother Marie was a huge fan of St. Anthony. And when I say huge, I mean huge in that I discovered a few years ago that somehow I have a second middle name. You guessed it — Anthony! St. Anthony is … Continue reading »

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