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End-Winter Digs Find Religious Relics and Rare Button

It’s been a rough winter on the east coast. Too many inches of snow to count, and frozen grounds left behind from the winter chill. Finally a day came where the temps were above freezing and I managed to take advantage of the few hours I had. I had gained permission to hunt a church … Continue reading »

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James’ December 2013 Finds

December saw me return to the 1743 property and it yielded some choice finds. I also made my second visit to the 1830s church property to explore the site further (see my November finds post for more from that site). That property is so dense with signals that it will take me a while to … Continue reading »

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The Holidays Weren’t So Giving

December started off promising. I hit some scarce diggable areas in the oldest part of my home town and found some goodies: My first dig of December just kept on giving. Wheat penny after wheat penny, followed by a 1940s Mercury dime. All the wheat pennies were from the same era as well. This was … Continue reading »

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James’ September 2013 Finds

In September I didn’t get out to detect much at all. Call it back-to-school obligations or whatever you’d like, but unfortunately I had my detector hung up for most of the month. Here are a few finds from when I did get out that month.

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James’ August 2013 Finds

In August I had the opportunity to search my sister-in-law’s property in Maplewood, NJ. The house dates, I believe, from the 1920s. I always love residential backyards of older homes—they never disappoint. I didn’t complete my search, so I’ll return there one day to see what else is lurking. My hunt was followed by a … Continue reading »

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Update on James’ Recent Finds

It’s been a while since my last post! A busy life and other prevailing priorities have gotten in the way of documenting and posting my latest finds of note, but here is a recap:

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Silver Ring Sunday

On a recent Sunday morning, as many folks were engaged in last-minute grocery shopping and other preparations for the Super Bowl, my thoughts were focused on getting in a few hours of metal detecting on an otherwise busy winter day. After all, what better way to pre-pay for the double-whammy of overindulgence and inactivity inherent … Continue reading »

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