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The Holidays Weren’t So Giving

December started off promising. I hit some scarce diggable areas in the oldest part of my home town and found some goodies: My first dig of December just kept on giving. Wheat penny after wheat penny, followed by a 1940s Mercury dime. All the wheat pennies were from the same era as well. This was … Continue reading »

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James’ September 2013 Finds

In September I didn’t get out to detect much at all. Call it back-to-school obligations or whatever you’d like, but unfortunately I had my detector hung up for most of the month. Here are a few finds from when I did get out that month.

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James’ August 2013 Finds

In August I had the opportunity to search my sister-in-law’s property in Maplewood, NJ. The house dates, I believe, from the 1920s. I always love residential backyards of older homes—they never disappoint. I didn’t complete my search, so I’ll return there one day to see what else is lurking. My hunt was followed by a … Continue reading »

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Update on James’ Recent Finds

It’s been a while since my last post! A busy life and other prevailing priorities have gotten in the way of documenting and posting my latest finds of note, but here is a recap:

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Silver Ring Sunday

On a recent Sunday morning, as many folks were engaged in last-minute grocery shopping and other preparations for the Super Bowl, my thoughts were focused on getting in a few hours of metal detecting on an otherwise busy winter day. After all, what better way to pre-pay for the double-whammy of overindulgence and inactivity inherent … Continue reading »

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