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Newfound Hope

On a recent outing to an unplanted field in Salem County, NJ, among other finds (King George III copper, colonial tombac coat button, 1894 Indian Head penny) I located a colonial cufflink. As I unearthed it, I immediately noticed a crude design, which in my experience is often the case with 18th century cufflinks. At … Continue reading »

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Celebrating a 100th Wedding Anniversary

With Old Man Winter’s reverse hibernation under way and the related metal detecting hindrances (i.e., frozen ground and frigid temps) asleep with him, I was able embark on a recent historical hunt on some fields in Salem County, NJ. I love this area because it represents one of the last vestiges of rural New Jersey … Continue reading »

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Gold Wedding Band Found & Returned

I don’t often find gold when metal detecting. OK, truth is, I’ve never found gold. I’m not really out looking for it as I hunt for old coins and relics. And, well, I still haven’t found gold while metal detecting! This was actually an eyeball find. My wife and daughter and I went to a … Continue reading »

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Another Visit to the Early 19th Century Home

Yes, back again. Hey, when you’ve got a good spot, you keep going, right? Another spur-of-the-moment outing, I managed to detect for about 2 hours. I hit a very junky part of the back yard and my patience paid off. While mid- and high-tones were scattered and hidden by all the iron and broken signals, … Continue reading »

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Persistence Pays Off

I recently got out for a quick hunt at a local circa 1743 house that I’ve detected countless times over the last year. I have a nice relationship with the owners and they have afforded me an endless welcome mat to return whenever I’d like. Having scoured this property very thoroughly (with many nice colonial … Continue reading »

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My Oldest Coin Unearthed

This past Friday I traveled to Piermont, NY, to detect a property for which my brother had acquired permission. While my brother does not share my interest in metal detecting, he is a great advocate and supporter of mine and is equally interested to see the items that I find. Before we traveled to the … Continue reading »

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Silver Korean War Trench Art Ring

This find falls under the “you never know what you’re gonna get” category. I was searching on a VERY OLD property — built in 1720 kind of old — and was hoping to find colonial relics and coins. I didn’t. But what I DID find was this amazing ring. At first, I didn’t know what … Continue reading »

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Searching for Early American Relics

The title of this story can easily be the title of 99% of our stories — we’re always on the hunt for Colonial-era and early American relics and coins. We’re also happy with Civil War era and late 19th Century stuff too, so any property that is pre-1900 is a property we like. James and … Continue reading »

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End-Winter Digs Find Religious Relics and Rare Button

It’s been a rough winter on the east coast. Too many inches of snow to count, and frozen grounds left behind from the winter chill. Finally a day came where the temps were above freezing and I managed to take advantage of the few hours I had. I had gained permission to hunt a church … Continue reading »

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James’ December 2013 Finds

December saw me return to the 1743 property and it yielded some choice finds. I also made my second visit to the 1830s church property to explore the site further (see my November finds post for more from that site). That property is so dense with signals that it will take me a while to … Continue reading »

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