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James Orefice

Cool, Cob, and Collected

Recently, I embarked on a day-long outing to the South Jersey farm fields. This was a new permission of my friend’s (to which he graciously invited me) on land directly adjacent to a separate property where I found my 1st Spanish cob (1620-1650). So, needless to say that I didn’t need any further proof that … Continue reading »

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Few and Farthing Between

Some fields continue to provide great artifacts no matter how many times you scour them. This can be due to a host of factors: an expansive acreage that can never be precisely searched, changing ground conditions (e.g., erosion due to rain), the churn of the plow, etc., etc. So, it was no surprise to me … Continue reading »

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We Were Featured in the Asbury Park Press!

Thanks to Asbury Park Press columnist Jerry Carino, filmographer Brian Johnston and photographer Doug Hood for capturing us at our best. We’re thrilled with the article, photos and video. Please have a read, look and watch!

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Newfound Hope

On a recent outing to an unplanted field in Salem County, NJ, among other finds (King George III copper, colonial tombac coat button, 1894 Indian Head penny) I located a colonial cufflink. As I unearthed it, I immediately noticed a crude design, which in my experience is often the case with 18th century cufflinks. At … Continue reading »

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Old Item, New ID—My Second 1600s Find!

Sometimes, an artifact can provide newfound excitement long after its original excavation because it is positively identified as much older and/or significant than previously thought. Such was the case with a button originally pictured in one of my previous posts. Back in early January, I had found a flat button on the same quick excursion … Continue reading »

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Cob on the Corn

In early January, exploring some remote parts of NJ, I was tipped off by a local about a colonial-era house with 100 acres located down a remote road on a riverbank. He had me at “colonial-era,” for shortly thereafter I was on my way to seek permission to metal detect there. Long story, short, the … Continue reading »

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Most Wanted… Found!

No matter what your hobby or interest may be, we all have those elusive, much-sought-after finds, goals, catches (think fishing), or items that we are hoping to someday cross off our personal bucket lists. For me, in my hobby of metal detecting, this was always the New Jersey state copper coin. Why the New Jersey … Continue reading »

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Celebrating a 100th Wedding Anniversary

With Old Man Winter’s reverse hibernation under way and the related metal detecting hindrances (i.e., frozen ground and frigid temps) asleep with him, I was able embark on a recent historical hunt on some fields in Salem County, NJ. I love this area because it represents one of the last vestiges of rural New Jersey … Continue reading »

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Update on James’ Farm Field Detecting

Another visit to the farm fields (see here for original posting) brought some more good finds, including several pre-Civil War flat buttons, a large Zouave ball button, and miscellaneous lead shot, from musket balls to 2-ring bullets.

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Another Update on James’ South Jersey Farm Field Detecting

On my third field hunt in the South NJ area, I concentrated on a roughly 50 square foot area that I had not explored previously. About an hour into it, walking in a straight line so as to grid the target area, I got a good signal ringing on my machine in the high 70s. It … Continue reading »

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