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Grant Hansen

New Video: Metal Detecting for Colonial & 19th Century Relics

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How to Update XP Deus Software Using a Mac Computer

While updates for the XP Deus, like the recent v4.0 update, are only written for Microsoft Windows environments, there is a way to update using a Mac! I’ve created a short how-to video, hoping it’ll help fellow Mac users update and enjoy the XP Deus update.

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We Were Featured in the Asbury Park Press!

Thanks to Asbury Park Press columnist Jerry Carino, filmographer Brian Johnston and photographer Doug Hood for capturing us at our best. We’re thrilled with the article, photos and video. Please have a read, look and watch!

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NJ Civil War Staff Buttons

The story of these buttons was featured in the April 2016 “Best Finds” issue of Western & Eastern Treasures magazine. Please contact me if you’d like to learn how to read about the wonderful experience of unearthing these rare and historic relics, which includes meeting two of the nicest and most generous home owners I’ve … Continue reading »

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A Cold but Good Start to the Year

Early January 2016. Frost on the ground, cold winds, and a dull sky aren’t usually the signs that lure you to spend a day outside. But ground that’s soft enough to dig? That’ll do! As the sun rose into the sky early that January morning, my coil was ready to scan the ground in hopes … Continue reading »

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If It’s Out There, I’ll Find It!

I hear all-too-often, “You won’t find anything. This place has been searched many times before.” Well, I believe it truly hasn’t been searched properly until it’s been searched by me! No disrespect to other detectorists, but no one — not even me — will get everything the first time out. I myself have missed many … Continue reading »

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Shipwreck Relics

It’s been a long and daunting winter in the Northeastern United States. Snowstorm after snowstorm, low temperatures and frozen ground have translated into zero metal detecting outings for many of us. Itching to get out and detect, I couldn’t take it much longer. Usually the beaches provide haven when the dirt is snow covered or … Continue reading »

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Who’s the Black Sheep?

In November 2013 I detected on some very old ground in England, and found some great stuff. My story, however, has been lost. So I will regroup, and rewrite! In the meantime, please watch (well, listen really) to my first night in my freezing tent. Full story in the works!

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A Productive, Muddy Day

Since temps were above 40 following a few days of heavy rain, I took advantage of the “warm” weather and went back to my spot that keeps producing. While there was plenty of garbage to be found, I did manage to eke out some cool relics and coins.

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Grant’s Last Outing of 2014

With the year nearing a close, I was able to get out one more time in the search of old coins and relics. I found myself on a very old property, and while there were no old coins to be found, I managed some great relics as I took advantage of the above-freezing temperatures.

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