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One of A Kind Button?

No, I’m sure it’s not a one-of-a-kind button. But I can’t find another example anywhere of a button with this specific back mark. Have you seen it? If so, please let me know!

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A Few Nice Buttons

As we entered mid-November, I was able to get out for a few hours. While signals were few and far between, I did find some nice buttons. In particular, I found my first ball buttons!

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Field and Far Between

In a previous entry, I wrote about a property in the southwest, NJ, area that yielded some very interesting history. That property, once the site of a mid-1700s structure and now home to an 1890s farmhouse, sits adjacent to a vast acreage of fields that are farmed from April through November. In late November, when … Continue reading »

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Return Trip to House I “Found when Lost”

I returned for a second scouring of the late-1800s house built on the foundation of a 1740s-era house (see an account of the initial trip here) and made some more period finds, including a large concave button with what appears to be an “S” on the front; two colonial shoe buckles (one with chape intact, … Continue reading »

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A 1700s Kind of Day

Unless a property stops producing, I’ll keep going back as long as I have permission to do so. So, back I went to one of my favorite spots, built in 1810. While the property is filled with debris from yesterday, there continue to be treasures hidden amongst the clutter. On this day I decided to … Continue reading »

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Detecting My Brother’s Victorian-Era Property

As my brother and his partner were house-hunting in the Northern NJ/Southern NY area, their main preference was a historic home that they could refurbish to its original grandeur in a structural sense, while fashioning it with more modern amenities and conveniences. Knowing full well that I would get exclusive access to metal detect their … Continue reading »

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More Finds at the Early 19th Century Home

It’s not often that detectorists like myself find a property that just keeps on giving. Usually we hit a property once, twice, even three times, and then it simply becomes a struggle for diminishing returns. Well, not this house. Not this property. A few hours in spots I’ve already searched yielded some fantastic goodies!

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17th Century Dutch Doublet

About an hour after finding the pre-1830 NY Militia button, I was getting ready to call it a day. As I made my way toward my car, I kept swinging my coil. I got a jumpy signal and decided to dig. Only about an inch deep, an odd looking button revealed itself. I wasn’t exactly … Continue reading »

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Excelsior! Pre-1830 NY Militia Button

I was having a rough go in the rain and very difficult digging conditions. Just beneath the surface on the entire property is rocks. Lot of tough-to-dig-through rocks. I was getting plenty of good signals, but most turned out to be molten lead. Finally, something appeared that I knew had to be good. As I … Continue reading »

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My Oldest Coin Unearthed

This past Friday I traveled to Piermont, NY, to detect a property for which my brother had acquired permission. While my brother does not share my interest in metal detecting, he is a great advocate and supporter of mine and is equally interested to see the items that I find. Before we traveled to the … Continue reading »

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