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Metal Detecting Showdown: Grant Hansen vs. The Man With the Hat

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New Video: Metal Detecting for Colonial & 19th Century Relics

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Old Item, New ID—My Second 1600s Find!

Sometimes, an artifact can provide newfound excitement long after its original excavation because it is positively identified as much older and/or significant than previously thought. Such was the case with a button originally pictured in one of my previous posts. Back in early January, I had found a flat button on the same quick excursion … Continue reading »

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NJ Civil War Staff Buttons

The story of these buttons was featured in the April 2016 “Best Finds” issue of Western & Eastern Treasures magazine. Please contact me if you’d like to learn how to read about the wonderful experience of unearthing these rare and historic relics, which includes meeting two of the nicest and most generous home owners I’ve … Continue reading »

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Cob on the Corn

In early January, exploring some remote parts of NJ, I was tipped off by a local about a colonial-era house with 100 acres located down a remote road on a riverbank. He had me at “colonial-era,” for shortly thereafter I was on my way to seek permission to metal detect there. Long story, short, the … Continue reading »

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A Cold but Good Start to the Year

Early January 2016. Frost on the ground, cold winds, and a dull sky aren’t usually the signs that lure you to spend a day outside. But ground that’s soft enough to dig? That’ll do! As the sun rose into the sky early that January morning, my coil was ready to scan the ground in hopes … Continue reading »

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If It’s Out There, I’ll Find It!

I hear all-too-often, “You won’t find anything. This place has been searched many times before.” Well, I believe it truly hasn’t been searched properly until it’s been searched by me! No disrespect to other detectorists, but no one — not even me — will get everything the first time out. I myself have missed many … Continue reading »

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Celebrating a 100th Wedding Anniversary

With Old Man Winter’s reverse hibernation under way and the related metal detecting hindrances (i.e., frozen ground and frigid temps) asleep with him, I was able embark on a recent historical hunt on some fields in Salem County, NJ. I love this area because it represents one of the last vestiges of rural New Jersey … Continue reading »

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Update on James’ Farm Field Detecting

Another visit to the farm fields (see here for original posting) brought some more good finds, including several pre-Civil War flat buttons, a large Zouave ball button, and miscellaneous lead shot, from musket balls to 2-ring bullets.

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Grant’s Last Outing of 2014

With the year nearing a close, I was able to get out one more time in the search of old coins and relics. I found myself on a very old property, and while there were no old coins to be found, I managed some great relics as I took advantage of the above-freezing temperatures.

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