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If It’s Out There, I’ll Find It!

Posted by on December 26, 2015

I hear all-too-often, “You won’t find anything. This place has been searched many times before.” Well, I believe it truly hasn’t been searched properly until it’s been searched by me! No disrespect to other detectorists, but no one — not even me — will get everything the first time out. I myself have missed many things on my first attempt, or even my second and third attempts. There’s a saying that sums it up pretty nicely: “If you miss by an inch, you’ve missed by a mile.” Because I’m lucky enough to return to properties I’ve searched before, I have the opportunity to slow down, be patient, and find what I may have missed on previous attempts (or what others before my didn’t retrieve). The following finds all came from properties I’ve already given a thorough going over. And I guarantee you I’ll still go back to find more.

Old well pump chain

Old well pump chain.

Vintage oil lamp dial

Vintage oil lamp dial.

shotgun shells

Various-sized shotgun shells, all found in one hole.

musket ball

I found this musket ball in an area previously undetectable due to ivy growth. However, during the winter months the ivy was all gone, so I was able to search this virgin area.

iron relics

I dig a lot of big iron relics. They really weight my finds bag down!

Tiny escutcheon.

Tiny escutcheon.

1898 Indian Head penny

1898 Indian Head penny.

Gilted button

This gilted button was worth the effort. Deep in the ground under a fairly large rock, it took a lot of effort to retrieve it while not destroying the button or the grass it was beneath.

Fatty Indian Head penny

Fatty Indian Head penny.

Decorative button

This decorative button was right in an area I’ve searched many times. I glad I didn’t miss it altogether!

Lead toy driver

I’m not sure if this is a milkman, a soldier, cab driver, race car driver or something entirely different. But I like him!

Campus tie clip

Campus tie clip.

1961 silver Washington quarter

I’ve found many cool things over the years, but for some reason, a not-too-uncommon silver Washington quarter has eluded me. Until now!

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