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A Productive, Muddy Day

Posted by on January 7, 2015

Since temps were above 40 following a few days of heavy rain, I took advantage of the “warm” weather and went back to my spot that keeps producing. While there was plenty of garbage to be found, I did manage to eke out some cool relics and coins.

Somers Brother's Chewing Tobacco Tin

1878 Somers Brother’s Chewing Tobacco Tin with a rose leaf and frog design. In its heyday it had a compass in the middle, which is now long gone.

Wheat penny coin spill

Wheat penny coin spill

Pennies unearthed

Pennies unearthed

1946 Jefferson, 1936 Buffalo, 1904 V nickel

Nickel trio: 1946 Jefferson, 1936 Buffalo, 1904 V nickel

1902 Indian Head Penny

1902 Indian Head Penny

Signs of a hard day's work in the mud

Signs of a hard day’s work in the mud

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