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Old church, old home

Posted by on September 12, 2014

I was lucky enough to gain permission to hunt my third church grounds this year. There was an old foundation in the middle of the lawn, and when I say it was junky, I mean it was junky! Blips and bleeps with every swing, so this was definitely an exercise in patience and focus. While other detectorists avoid conditions like this, I thrive in them. I know there’s stuff to be found, but you have to be persistent to reap the rewards.

My first good find was this beautiful brooch. I still can’t believe the condition it’s in. I wonder who the woman was!


Beautiful brooch of a beautiful woman!

This “Pennsylvania manufacturing company Philadelphia” plate has me stumped. I’m not sure what type of machine or furniture it was on. Anyone know?

Pennsylvania manufacturing company Philadelphia plate

Pennsylvania Manufacturing Company Philadelphia plate

Here’s the backside:

Pennsylvania manufacturing company Philadelphia

Pennsylvania manufacturing company Philadelphia

Before this outing, I had never found a crotal bell. On this site, I found two! And what’s even better is, they both still ring. Watch the video!!

Cutlery, even bent spoons like this one, are good signs that a site had activity.

Bent old spoon

Bent old spoon

Nice little suspenders clip.

suspenders clip

I find Mason jar lids all the time, but they’re usually broken in half or shattered. This Boyd’s mason jar lid is nice an complete!

Boyd's Genuine Fruit mason jar lid

Boyd’s Genuine mason jar lid

This Make up case has seen better days but it’s got a nice decoration on it.

old make-up case

After the church, I spent a couple hours at a home built in the mid-1800s. While I didn’t find a ton of stuff, I did find some interesting items.

This Lewis Tinker’s Solder  has gotten some use. Did you know? A tinker is a person who travels from place to place mending metal utensils as a way of making a living. So, next time you’re tinkering with something, you know where the term comes from!

Lewis Tinker's Solder

Lewis Tinker’s Solder

Finally, I really like this cufflink. Too bad I didn’t find the other. Perhaps it wasn’t lost.

Vintage cufflink

Vintage cufflink

Vintage cufflink

Vintage cufflink

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