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Early 19th Century Home Produces Great Finds

Posted by on September 12, 2014
1735 King George II Half Penny

1735 King George II Half Penny.

I had a great hunt at a house built round 1810 (could be older… 1810 was the first year it appeared on a map), and although I’ve only scratched the surface, it’s starting to produce for me very nicely! I was beyond excited to get started in hopes of finding old coinage and relics. The homeowner had showed me where the trash pit was, from which she and her late husband had recovered many in tact bottles. The depression from the pit is still visible, but I would wait for another trip to go to town in the trashy delight.

On this day, I wanted to focus in the back yard where an old brick fireplace was. The kind of old brick that still had maker’s marks in them. Yes, that kind of old brick. The day started off a little slow with rusty nails, wheat pennies, and unidentified molten lead, but I was persistent. Iron tones sounded like a machine gun, but every so often I’d hear that beautiful mid- to high-tone, and hence, would dig. Not all recoveries were keepers, but plenty were!

I found this beautiful silver button cover, with an ornate design. Not a bad start!

Silver button cover

Silver button cover.

Lots of bricks around just like this one, of various maker’s marks. This one says, “Washborn Brick.”

19th Century Washburn brick

19th Century Washburn brick

This could be a compact lid, but I’m not positive. It has two letters engraved in script, which I think are “LC.” I love finding anything that is personalized.

Engraved compact lid

Engraved compact lid?

Here are a couple Buffalo nickels that are in decent shape

buffalo nickels

I dug a lot of wheat pennies that day. The oldest from 1918.

wheat pennies

Wheat pennies.

At first glance, I thought I found just an Indian Head penny. And after all the wheat pennies I found, was ecstatic. But watch the video to see what really happened!

I found this makeup case that still has its contents! It’s in a safe place and I won’t handle it without rubber gloves… who knows WHAT it could be!

Make-up case with contents

Make-up case with contents.

And finally!! After a long day as my time was running short, out pops a colonial copper coin from about 5 inches down. For me, it’s rare to find one – and in this good of condition! Behold! A 1735 King George II half penny.

1735 King George II Half Penny

1735 King George II Half Penny.

This home was very good to me indeed! And of course, the home owner. What a sweet and generous person who I’m happy to have met. I can’t thank her enough. Thanks for reading!

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