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Another Visit to the Early 19th Century Home

Posted by on September 12, 2014
Vintage sterling ring

Vintage sterling ring.

Yes, back again. Hey, when you’ve got a good spot, you keep going, right? Another spur-of-the-moment outing, I managed to detect for about 2 hours. I hit a very junky part of the back yard and my patience paid off. While mid- and high-tones were scattered and hidden by all the iron and broken signals, all my digging certainly paid off! I’m very proud of the fact that, although I dug a LOT of little holes that day, you’d never know I was there!! If you’re new to the hobby (or experienced and just lazy) hone your skills and practice making good plugs. Homeowners are nice enough to allow you on their property, so make sure you treat it with respect! Leave it better than your own, and pick up any garbage you may find laying around

OK, off my soapbox now. Here are the finds!

First up was a sterling woman’s ring (sadly, no stones). I so very rarely find jewelry as I’m not looking for it, but when it pops up, it’s a nice surprise!

Vintage sterling ring

Vintage sterling ring.

This is an incredibly ornate sash buckle. If you look closely at the detail you’ll see a pattern of Fleur delis all around it. I hope to find the other side of it on a future outing!

Sash buckle

Really nice double gilt flat button.

Double gilt flat button

Only my 3rd ever crotal bell find. This one is missing the top hoop and bell inside.

Crotal bellSo, as you can see, still more reminders from yesteryear. I’ll keep you posted as I unearth more!

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