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Monthly Archives: July 2014

My Oldest Coin Unearthed

This past Friday I traveled to Piermont, NY, to detect a property for which my brother had acquired permission. While my brother does not share my interest in metal detecting, he is a great advocate and supporter of mine and is equally interested to see the items that I find. Before we traveled to the … Continue reading »

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Silver Korean War Trench Art Ring

This find falls under the “you never know what you’re gonna get” category. I was searching on a VERY OLD property — built in 1720 kind of old — and was hoping to find colonial relics and coins. I didn’t. But what I DID find was this amazing ring. At first, I didn’t know what … Continue reading »

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Of Birthdays and Gifts

With my birthday hovering over me, and no choice but to accept being another year removed from my youth, I could not but focus instead on all that gives me happiness. For me, it’s always first, foremost, and in very large part, my family—a wife I adore and kids that make me immensely proud. It’s … Continue reading »

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