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Grant’s November’s U.S. Finds

Posted by on January 2, 2014

In November I had an amazing trip to England for 3 days of metal detecting, but that’s another story I’m working on. What follows is some of the better relics I found this past November.

1977 Bermuda Hog Penny

1977 Bermuda Hog Penny

Metal detecting is like a box of chocolates… you never know what your’e gonna get. This is one of those instances. Why I unearthed a 1997 coin from Bermuda while hunting in NJ, well, it’s just one of those odd finds. People have all sorts of loose change in their pockets, and any type of coin is prone to fall out. I’m glad I saved this one after almost 40 years in the dirt.

Replica Liberty/Freedom Bell

Replica Liberty/Freedom Bell

Shortly after finding the above coin, I dug up this replica Liberty Bell. I’m guessing it’s from the same era, around 1976 commemorating our country’s bicentennial. It’s missing the top wooden piece, but otherwise is fully in tact. Just a little beat up.

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