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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Frozen Finds

Nineteen days into 2014 and I still hadn’t been out detecting. The bug to dig was getting bigger and itchier, and I was able to get out for a few hours this past Sunday. Although I bundled up, it wasn’t too cold. High 30s or so, plenty warm enough to dig. But the ground was … Continue reading »

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James’ December 2013 Finds

December saw me return to the 1743 property and it yielded some choice finds. I also made my second visit to the 1830s church property to explore the site further (see my November finds post for more from that site). That property is so dense with signals that it will take me a while to … Continue reading »

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The Holidays Weren’t So Giving

December started off promising. I hit some scarce diggable areas in the oldest part of my home town and found some goodies: My first dig of December just kept on giving. Wheat penny after wheat penny, followed by a 1940s Mercury dime. All the wheat pennies were from the same era as well. This was … Continue reading »

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James’ November 2013 Finds

November provided a few outings to reclaim history. First, I continued to try and cut through the brushy 1743 property and was rewarded with several items of note. Also in November, I requested and received permission to search the field next to my church. This was the site of a circa 1830 house that was … Continue reading »

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Grant’s November’s U.S. Finds

In November I had an amazing trip to England for 3 days of metal detecting, but that’s another story I’m working on. What follows is some of the better relics I found this past November.

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Grant’s October Finds

October was a very good month as I found some really cool relics. My grandmother Marie was a huge fan of St. Anthony. And when I say huge, I mean huge in that I discovered a few years ago that somehow I have a second middle name. You guessed it — Anthony! St. Anthony is … Continue reading »

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James’ October 2013 Finds

October provided 2 fun outings: 1 at an overgrown 1743 property I’ve been returning to and the other at a Victorian home in Hainesport, NJ. The 1743 property offers tough terrain and much brush, but with the weather cooling and some of the vegetation dying down, I was able to find some interesting items. Another … Continue reading »

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