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WWI Trench Bugle

Posted by on December 31, 2013

WWI Wurlitzer Trench BugleWhen I detect, I’m usually very methodical. I focus on a set area and go slowly, making sure my grid pattern doesn’t miss an inch. Often, however, when the beeps go silent, I get frustrated and my plan gets changed. I start to wander, aimlessly and get more lost in the lack of finds. And usually, it doesn’t work out for me. However, on this occasion, it worked out great!

Frustrated by a lack of signals, I wandered into a nearby small area of woods that ran along a creek. There really wasn’t much going on in the woods either, but I continued on. Then I saw something, lying right on top of the surface. A horn? A trumpet? What is it? A bugle! Interesting. I noticed engraving, which made me realize it would be easy to identify:

SPEC 1152

A quick Google search told me that what I was holding was a WWI Trench Bugle! Amazing! No idea why it was where it was as there was certainly no WWI action in NJ. This is definitely one of my greatest finds to date!

WWI Wurlitzer Trench Bugle

WWI Wurlitzer Trench Bugle

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