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Monthly Archives: December 2013

James’ September 2013 Finds

In September I didn’t get out to detect much at all. Call it back-to-school obligations or whatever you’d like, but unfortunately I had my detector hung up for most of the month. Here are a few finds from when I did get out that month.

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WWI Trench Bugle

When I detect, I’m usually very methodical. I focus on a set area and go slowly, making sure my grid pattern doesn’t miss an inch. Often, however, when the beeps go silent, I get frustrated and my plan gets changed. I start to wander, aimlessly and get more lost in the lack of finds. And … Continue reading »

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A September to Remember

From dirt to beach, I had some pretty good outings in September 2013. Labor Day followed by a few days at the New Jersey shore offered me some good digging time.

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James’ August 2013 Finds

In August I had the opportunity to search my sister-in-law’s property in Maplewood, NJ. The house dates, I believe, from the 1920s. I always love residential backyards of older homes—they never disappoint. I didn’t complete my search, so I’ll return there one day to see what else is lurking. My hunt was followed by a … Continue reading »

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Grant’s August Finds

As we draw near the end of 2013 I find myself embarrassingly behind in updating this website. So the next few articles will be monthly reflections on relics that I haven’t yet written about. I hope you enjoy the pictures and descriptions!

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