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My Favorite Indian

Posted by on August 21, 2013
1898 Indian Head Penny

1898 Indian Head Penny - Pre-cleaning

While Indian Head pennies (common dates) aren’t the most valuable, nor the most sought after, coins they are my favorite U.S. designed coin, and I love finding them! There’s just something about the design, the color, and the feeling that I’m actually holding something very old that really appeals to me. Simply, they’re just really cool. But when something has been buried in the soil for over 100 years (NJ soil is especially harsh) you don’t expect things to come out of the ground in pristine condition.

During James’ birthday weekend extravaganza, I found this 1898 Indian Head penny and after some hot peroxide baths and rub downs with a tooth pick, she looks as good as it can get!

1898 Indian Head Penny, Cleaned Up Nicely!

1898 Indian Head Penny, Cleaned Up Nicely!

Did you know? The bust on the Indian Head penny is actually Lady Liberty wearing an Indian Head Dress!

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