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Identified! Buckle Assembly from President Suspenders

Posted by on July 4, 2012

On our Southwest NJ dig, James unearthed what we thought was a medal holder. You know, the kind you pin to your breast that acknowledges a special achievement. Rather than assume we were correct, James posted his find to the What Is It forum. Below is image of the find in question:

President Suspenders buckle assembly

President Suspenders buckle assembly

After not too long, we got a positive ID and graphics from forum member Bigcypresshunter. Below is a collage of the graphics he provided, found at

Collage of President Suspenders vintage graphics

Collage of President Suspenders vintage graphics provided by Bigcypresshunter

Huge thanks to Bigcypresshunter for providing a positive and thorough ID. Metal detecting isn’t just about digging up silver coins and gold jewelery. We often find things, whether easily identified or not, lead us to learn more about the past, where something came from, what it was used for, and wonder who was the last to use and lose it.

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6 Responses to Identified! Buckle Assembly from President Suspenders

  1. Papa Bear

    I found one very similar when stationed out in NC. I am back in Utah now but still digging!!

    • James Nicholas

      Interested to hear what turns up in Utah. Out of the many relics I’ve unearthed, the suspenders clip is one of my favorites. It’s simple in design, but it instantly harkens back to a distinct era. I was grateful to Bigcypresshunter of TreasureNet’s forums for the ID and substantiating materials surrounding it. Thanks for your comment!

  2. PB

    I have been hunting in Wyoming at an old US Army camp. I have posted on T-Net. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys find back East.

    • James Nicholas

      Hi, PB. Thanks for your comment. Good luck at the army camp. Sounds like a great site. Visit back with us often to read about our latest adventures in this great hobby. HH.

  3. charlotte devaux

    can the president suspenders be purchased anywhere?
    thank you

    • Grant Hansen

      Charlotte, I will ask James. I don’t think it’s for sale, but you never know!

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