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First Dig with My Fisher CZ-21

Posted by on June 11, 2012

At long last, and after a great deal of research, I finally got my Fisher CZ-21 metal detector. I wanted something capable of handing the beaches’ wet sand and shallow waters and perform competently on dry land. While this machine is also great for deep dives (up to 250 feet) I doubt I’ll ever venture that far into the deep blue sea. While my first outing to the beach won’t be till next week, I wanted to test this bad boy out. Of course, I only had about a 20 minute window as other priorities beckoned.

So out to the hunting grounds I went. My backyard. Which I’ve hit pretty hard already with my Garrett Ace 350. But then again, I haven’t dug every hit. A few minutes in a get a nice high pitch sound. Still not familiar with the ins and outs of the CZ-21, I really didn’t know how deep to dig. I hit something solid about 10 inches down. I could see that it was smooth and shiny, but I couldn’t decipher what it was.

A little backyard background: My grandfather built the house I live in the early 1950s. He was a tool and die maker for American Can Company and was outstanding in metal work and woodwork. Many of thing things in and outside of my home were made by him: light fixtures and lamp posts, door hardware, wood trims, and a ton of tools (some I know what they are, some I have no clue).  He once made me a very badass pedal car and a giant crab cage out of a shopping cart. Because of all the junk scrap metal I’ve found in my backyard, I think he must’ve done a lot of work outside, and I’m now cleaning up after him.

So, back to the dig. If you watch the video below, you’ll get to experience my first find with the CZ-21 with me. Do you know what it is?

A spatula! Well, after cleaning it up and inspecting more closely (see second photo below) I’m now not so certain. I don’t think this was store-bought item, but rather, something crafted by my grandfather. In addition to some very familiar markings I know so well from his other work, it’s thicker and heavier than you’d expect a spatula to be. And if you look at the holes and etching, they’re not perfectly straight and lined up. So, this is definitely not a machine-made piece.

Homemade Spatula?

Homemade Spatula?

Homemade Spatula 2

Closer detail of my find. You can see better here that it doesn't look machined.

Compare it to the door-knob hardware he made for my front door. Kind of similar, right? So, the mystery isn’t 100% solved. I wouldn’t put it past my grandfather to make a spatula instead of buying one, and this piece has some rivets and a slot on the back where a handle would fit in. So I’m still leaning toward a spatula. Either that, or a mini hand-held hoe, but that doesn’t explain the holes. What do you think it is?

Doorknob decoration

Doorknob decoration my grandfather made.

Doorknob decoration close-up

Similar details to my find above.

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