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Fish Scale

Posted by on April 29, 2012

After a few ventures in my own backyard with nothing but junk, and a trip down to Cherry Hill with limited finds, I was pretty desperate to find something good; something interesting.

My mom lives a few blocks away and said I can hunt in her yard any time. “Really? You do know I have to DIG up anything I detect, right?” After some hesitation of this obvious yet not-so-obvious fact, she still agreed.

Short on time one day I headed over. As I set up my gear she watched me from above from her deck: “I just want to see what you do.” Sigh. She’s going to see me fail miserably. Thirty seconds into my hunt I got a hit. A good hit, but again, figured it would just be aluminum, or tin foil which for some reason seems like a popular thing people bury.

“Hear that? I go over it a few times and if it’s a consistent hit, I’ll dig. First I have to pinpoint the right spot.”

After my demo I said, “It says it’s shallow. Two inches or so.”

On shallow detections like this, I try my Pro Pointer before I dig, as things sometimes don’t require a big first plug. And this method worked. It was real close to the surface. I dug a tiny plug and didn’t see anything, but the Pro Pointer did. Narrowing it down I saw a small, but ROUND object. Very thin and light. “I think it’s silver.”

After further investigation, I noticed it was Canadian. Hmm… weird. Then I saw a date… 18-something. 18??? Really?? I didn’t want to rub it too much but I was excited. 18…. 91? Could it be? I’ll clean and check later.

The rest of my short hunt (another 20 minutes) scored me two modern pennies and a bunch of junk. But still, I got a good find.

After a mild soapy water soak, I was able to confirm the 1891 date. And then the online search began to determine what exactly the coin was. So, here she is in all her seated glory!

1891 Queen Victoria 5 Cent Silver

1891 Queen Victoria 5 Cent Silver a.k.a. Fish Scale, due to its size

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