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Grant’s Beginning

Posted by on April 16, 2012

I live in Bergen County, NJ in the house my grandfather helped build in the early 1950s. My grandfather was a tool and dye maker, and an incredible metal-smith and wood worker. Papa George, as I called him, made everything from end tables, door knobs, tools, and stuff we can’t quite figure out. Most of his work was with metal. This was a blessing for me when I needed something cool, and now a curse when I metal detect on my own property.

Using my Garret Ace 350, I’ve learned aluminum and other scrap metal gives off the same signal as silver. After many solid and exciting hits, and after digging up much scrap, I’ve decided my grandfather must have enjoyed shredding metal and throwing it around the yard in some sort of odd celebration. It’s everywhere. Big, medium, small and tiny. Everywhere.

Oh, and I should also mention he PURPOSELY buried metal, like nails, around certain plants to help dictate the soil composition, and hence the color of the flowers’ blooms. Again, now a curse for me.

My yard isn’t huge, but other than junk, I’ve found little of interest. Below are some items I’ve recovered.

Finds from March 11, 2012

Finds from March 11, 2012: Unknown tool, clad penny, harmonica reed, pocket knife, and some scrap metal.

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